Who was Saint Symphorosa?

In early church history, the legend of St. Symphorosa and Her Seven Sons served as an example of faithfulness to God. According to this legend, St. Symphorosa, the widow of St. Getulius, lived near Rome around 135 A.D. With her Seven Sons, she refused the order of the Emperor Hadrian.  The Emperor wanted St. Symphorosa  to make a sacrifice to pagan gods. St. Symphorosa, because of her great love for Christ, was beaten for a long period of time, suspended by her hair, and finally thrown into the Anio River with a stone tied to her body. Seven men thought to be her sons were reputedly executed the next day.  These men were: Crescentsius, Eugenius, Julianus, Justinus, Nemesius, Primativus and Staceteus.

The church celebrates her feast day on July 18th.

Lord, God, Holy are You, Your saints and holy ones

give you glory all days.   In their holiness they are

channels of Your grace for us.  May St. Symphorosa

be for all of us a sign of faithfulness and love.   May

we, like her, always remain faithful to Your Son and

His message of Good News.

May our Parish, through the intercession of St.

Symphorosa and her Seven Sons, be a sign of

"A Family Celebrating Faith". 

We ask this through Christ our Lord.   Amen

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