Religious Development (SPRED)


SPRED is a ministry that welcomes children and young adults with developmental disabilities and leads them toward a deeper awareness of God in their life. This is accomplished by meaningful one-on-one relationships within a small faith group session.


SPRED offers those young adults who may not have been able to fully benefit from the more traditional forms of religious education the opportunity to experience and receive their Holy Sacraments.




Each SPRED group has a core team that includes the following members:


         CHAIRPERSON:  This member is the link from the pastor to the families, caregivers and SPRED agency and is a helper catechist in the group.


         LEADER CATECHIST:  This member leads the catechist preparation sessions and the catechesis.


         ACTIVITY CATECHIST:  This member prepares and makes available the necessary tools to engage in focused and concentrated activity and is a helper catechist in the group.


         HELPER CATECHIST:  These members work one on one with each person with special needs. This person is a faith friend, a witness and guide.


Make a difference in your parish by becoming a SPRED volunteer. Make a difference in these young adults by becoming their friend.  Volunteer today.


If you know of a parent of a young adult between the ages of 17-21, who would benefit from participation in our SPRED group, please have them contact Richard Wilus at 312-213-2685   or   Isabel Esparza 773-474-8537.

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